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Contact Person Information:
(1) Title First Name Middle Last Name
(2) Title First Name Middle Last Name
  Email Address:
    City:     State:     Zip Code:
  U.S. Contact Phone: ( )
  China Contact Phone: ( )
Hotel Reservation:
  Arrival Date: (mm/dd/year)
  Depature Date: (mm/dd/year)
  No. of People:
  No. of Nights:
  No. of Rooms:
  No. of Beds: 1 Bed   2 Beds
  Room Preference: Smoking   Non-Smoking  
  Hotel Breakfast: Included   Not Included
  Hotel Category: 5-Star   4-Star
  Your Preferred Hotel:   None
China Domestic Flights:
  Departure City:
  Destination City:
  Departure Date: (mm/dd/year) Preferred Flight Time:
  Return Date: (mm/dd/year) Preferred Flight Time:
  Preferred Airlines: Air China   China Eastern   China Southern  
Billing Information:
  American Express Card Number: - -
  EXP. Date: / (mm/yy)
  Final payment is due at reservation
  Refund Policy:
  For Hotel Reservation:
  • Full refund if cancel reservation 24 hours prior to arrival
  • No refund if no show
  • 50% refund for the first night and full refund for other nights if cancel within 24 hours

  •   For China domestic air reservation:
  • No refund if no show or cancel within 48 hours of departure
  • $50 handling and service fee plus airline cancellation charge if cancel 48 hours prior to departure

  • I/we have read and agreed the Terms.

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